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报告题目A theory in discriminating the rare event determined dynamic states of condense matterundefined

报告人李新征 教授(北京大学)

报告时间2021 年 5 月 28 日(周五)15:30

报告地点线上报告(腾讯会议:732 693 206 )


Premelted solids are recently spotted as an intermediate transition between solids to liquids, with well-observed characters of occasional particle transfer. Due to the uniformed structural and thermal properties therein, however, the existence of a true phase transition remains controversial. Starting from Shannon's definition of dynamic entropy, we proposed a theory to describe the rare event determined dynamic states in condensed matter and their transitions, and apply it to high pressure ice VII. A dynamic intensive quantity named dynamic field, rather than the conventional thermodynamic intensive quantities such as the temperature and pressure, is taken as the controlling variable. The dynamic entropy versus dynamic field curve demonstrates two dynamic states in the stability region of ice VII and dynamic ice VII. Their microscopic differences were assigned to the dynamic patterns of proton transfer. This study puts a similar dynamical theory used in earlier studies of glass models on a simpler and more fundamental basis, which could be applied to describe the dynamic states of more realistic condensed matter systems.


李新征,北京大学教授。2000年、2003年、2008年分别在武汉大学物理系、中科院半导体所、德国马普学会Fritz-Haber研究所获学士、硕士、博士学位,2008-2011年在伦敦大学学院从事博后研究,2012年入职北京大学物理学院。主要研究领域是凝聚态物理中一些计算方法的发展与应用,重点是与核量子效应相关的理论方法的发展。近年来,发展了一系列第一性原理路径积分分子动力学方法相关方法;发表论文50余篇,他引2000余次;出版凝聚态计算方向英文专著一部(《Computer Simulations of Molecules and Condensed Matters: From Electronic Structures to Molecular Dynamics》,31.4万字)、群论课程中文教材一部(《群论及其在凝聚态物理中的应用》,35.8万字)。2016年成果入选中国科学十大进展(3/3),2019年获教育部高等学校科学研究自然科学一等奖(3/5),2020年入选教育部长江学者奖励计划特聘教授。现任Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter、Chemical Physics、Computer Physics Communications杂志编委、中国物理学会凝聚态计算专业委员会委员。


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