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报告题目Cross correlation mediated by distant Majorana zero modes with no overlapundefined

报告人李新奇 教授(量子交叉研究中心)

报告时间2021 年 5 月 20 日(周四)15:30

报告地点线上报告(腾讯会议:606 322 183 )


We revisit the important problem of Majorana nonlocality and propose an experimental scheme to demonstrate the nonvanishing cross correlation even at the ideal limit. The proposed scheme employs the Andreev-process-associated branch circuit currents, which are theoretically obtained by applying a decomposition analysis for the total currents while in practical measurement, are accessible directly. For different bias voltage setup, we find intriguing results of both negative and positive correlations and carry out simple physical understanding using a quantum jump technique. Importantly, combining together with the evidence of the zero-bias-peak of conductance, the nonlocal cross correlation predicted in this work can help to definitely confirm the existence of the nonlocal Majorana zero modes.




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